First Step

Let's make a simple stage with parts you can get in the early stages in Play mode.
Select "Create".
Select "New" because you make a new stage.
Name it, and press "Start!!"
This is a default state. You can move the camera by pinch and slide. You can also change the direction of the camera by under arrows. If you are lost, you can come back to the origin by pressing + button(Origin Button) at the lower left.
All right, press the right picture of a block while paying attention to the gold ring which is put on the position you touch.
Then, a block is put there.
Next, press the cursor button(Select Button) at the lower left.
It becomes Select State. Touch the block you put.
The block whose id is 2 is selected. You can controll the block here. Let's change X of the position of the block.
The block moves. You can also move it in the direction of Y and Z. Next, rotate the block.
The block rotates. Then, change the size of the block.
The size of the block changes. At the end, change the material.
By the way, you can light by checking "Is Camera Light On".
The material changed.
Next, press the gold ring button(Create Button) at the lower left, and touch somewhere in the screen. Then it becomes Create State. (× Button can delete the block.)
Make blocks.
You can make a stage which has only blocks.
Next, put the player.
Let's run it. Press "MENU".
Press the play button.
Congratulations! You can play your 3D stage.
After playing, return by Return Button or Esc Key.
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