First Programs

With this tutorial, you can make that Goal Ring appears after beating an enemy.
Please press the button with written 'if' (Program Button) under Create Button.
Then, select "+ New".
Select "act_message" in the drop down menu below.
The unit of programs, "Act Message" is made, so please input some messages here.
Play this stage, and you can see the message immediately after start.
That is, "Act Message" is a program showing the message.
Next, let's make this message after beating an enemy. Put an Orcle, and select "if_beat" in the drop down menu under an "Act Message".
A unit of program, "If Beat" is made, so select the Orcle as a target object. Then, press the upper triangle button to change the order of programs.
You can see the message after beating the Orcle. That is to say, programs whose name starts with 'If' give a requirement to the following programs to run. If this requirement is met, the next program runs. In this case, the requirement is "If Beat", "if you beat the target object", and if the requirement is met, "Act Message", "show the message" runs.
Let's make a programs that an object appears if you arrive at a certain place. Put a strong enemy, Sword Dancer, and make a new program whose number is 1 (previous number is 0).
Select "act_disable".
A unit of programs, "Act Disable" is made, so select the Sword Dancer as the target object.
Select "if_enter_zone".
A unit of programs, "If Enter Zone" is made, so tune the position and the scale of a black sphere which is the guide.
Select "act_enable".
A unit of programs, "Act Enable" is made, so set like in "Act Disable".
Play this stage. First of all, "Act Disable" makes the Sword Dancer invalid because it has no requirement. Then, if the player enters an area of the black sphere in "If Enter Zone", "Act Enable" makes the Sword Dancer activated again.
Then, you can make programs that Goal Ring appears after beating an enemy.
Add "Act Disable" setting a Goal Ring and raise it to the top with an upper triangle button. Moreover, add "If Beat" setting the Sword Dancer and "Act Enable" setting the Goal Ring.
Play it, and you can see the process. If it cannot work well, please look it over again more carefully.
Therefore, you can make various gimmicks with the Program Mode.

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