Make a Room

First, make a room as you did in First Step.
Then, press the door at the upper right after set the gold ring.
Press "MENU".
Press the + button.
Press "OK".
The new second room was created by you. Swipe the left panel, and make this room.
This is example room.
Then, make a marker for the player to move to the second room from the first room. Select the Target Point.
Adjust the position of the Target Point, and get the ID of it in Select state.
Go to the first room, and select the door you made in Select state.
Select Room Name and Object Name which are items below. The ID of the selected Target Point must be the same as the ID you just found.
Let's play this stage.
Congratulations! You went to the next room. (If you cannot go there, please recheck the door in Select state.)

You can post your stage to the world.

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